Kettle Conversion Kit - Basic Brass

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Quickly and efficiently add a ball valve to your kettle with Brew and Grow’s Basic Conversion Kit. 

Kit assembly includes a brass ball valve with a brass barb outlet for the connection of high temperature or standard transfer tubing.


  • Stainless Steel bulkhead; extends inside kettle 1 ½”
  • Bulkhead machined with ½” FPT for attaching Bazooka Screen or compression fittings for dip tube placement
  • Silicon gasket rated for 375 F
  • Silicon gasket non expanding during tightening procedures

Installation of kit requires fashioning a 7/8” hole in the kettle with a step drill bit, high torque, low speed hand drill, a set of channel locks and/or crescent type wrench. Tools are not included in kits.

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