Honey Malt Gambrinus Malting Oz

Article number: 201

Honey Malt, similar to Brumalt, provides intense malt sweetness free of astringent roast flavors, making the grain perfect for a variety of session and specialty styles.

For darker styles such as porters, browns and stouts, Honey malt provides a complementary sweetness to the darker malts utilized in the above styles.

Lovibond: 20 - 25

Use Rate: Up to 20 %

Moisture: 4% Max

Extract: 80%

Application Tip:

For an American Cream ale with a slightly honeyed taste, specify a malt bill with 62.5% German Pilsner Malt, 16.7% Flaked Maize, 8.3% German Munich Malt, 8.3% Honey Malt and 4.2% Acidulated Malt. For the Acid Malt addition, check local water suppliers for information regarding alkalinity to determine the correct percentage of Acid Malt. With moderate hard to hard water about 4-4.5% Acid malt will usually provide the correct acidity to reach a pH range between 5.2-5.6 at mash temp.

For the hops, utilize NZ Pacifica at 60 Minutes remaining to reach 8.4 IBUs and a second addition with 15 minutes remaining to achieve 10.1 IBUs for a total of 18.5. Ferment with Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast at 60-62 F for clean fermentation profile.

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