German Vienna Avangard Oz

Article number: 427

For the production of full-bodied, smooth tasting beers with golden hues Brew and Grow recommends using the malt in Viennas, Marzen, Golden ales and lagers, Amber ales and lagers, Bocks and Octoberfest styles.

Lovibond: 3.5 5

Use Rate:  100%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 80.5%

Application Tip:

For faceting a wide variety of beers, add 10 - 40% Vienna malt to the grist for Octoberfests and up to 90% for Viennas and up to 40% of the grist in Dopplebocks. Add Vienna Malt in small quantities, 5 - 10%, to Pale Ales, Porters, Browns and Milds, to further enhance the various styles malty profile.

To gain the characteristic Orangish hue in Belgian Saisons, add approximately 5-20% to the malt bill, providing malt flavors and aromas to the farmhouse style. 

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