German Tettnang Hop Pellet 1 oz

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Mild and pleasant, the Tettnang hop exhibits some spiciness and is known as a traditional Noble hop variety. With flavors and aromas reminiscent of chocolate, gingerbread, Lily of the valley, floral, black tea, Tettnang provides an overall earthy quality for a variety of lager styles.

Typical A.A: 2.5 – 5.5% A.A.

Possible Substitutions: German Spalt, German Select, Czech Saaz, Hallertau Hersbrucker

Application Tip:

A traditional, noble hop variety, Tettnanger is versatile enough for utilization in a wide variety of lager styles. From Kolsch to German Pilsner, bock, wheat beer, Munich Helles, alt and dunkel, the hop exhibits a clean floral aroma and an earthy quality reminiscent of tea.  

For an earthy complement to the malty candy flavors of Oktoberfest or Vienna style lagers, add the hop in the final 15 minutes of the boil.

In black lager, Tettnang combines well with the dark, roasty qualities of Crafa malts, providing the beer with and earthiness to balance the malty sweetness in the finished beer.

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