German Munich Avangard 55 Lb

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For enhancing body and aroma in darker styles, Brew and Grow recommends using German Munich in dark lagers and ales including, Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Bock, Dopplebock, Brown ales, Porters, Octoberfest and Stouts.

Munich Malt provides mellow maltiness to a variety of styles. For Dopplebocks, Munich malt can comprise a majority of the grist. Indispensable for faceting a number of beers, Munich Malt can augment the overall flavor and aroma profile of the finished beer by utilizing 2 lbs. for a 5-gallon batch or 5-20% of the malt bill depending on the style and color target.

Lovibond: 6-9

Usage Rate: 100%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract:  80.5%

Application Tip:

For Munich Helles, utilize 10-15% in the malt bill to supply the golden hue readily found in the style. Similarly, adding 10% to a Kolsch style will produce the same golden color while also contributing a slight maltiness to the finished beer.

For darker beers such as Porters, specifying 15% to the grist will provide further malt backbone, supporting the dark malts typical of the style.

For Texas Brown Ale, create a malt bill with 67.4% 2-Row Malt, 13.1% Munich Malt, 8.7% TF&S Pale Crystal Malt 20L, 6.6% UK Pale Chocolate Malt, 2.5% Brown Sugar and 1.7% UK Chocolate Malt. For the hops, utilize 4 additions of Cascade hops. Ferment with 1056 to provide the neutral/clean flavor and aroma profile, allowing the hops and malt to dominate the palate.

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