German Hallertau Pellets 1 oz

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Noble variety of hops described as mild, slightly flowery and somewhat spicy, Hallertau Mittelfruh is a traditional hop for bittering, flavor and aroma hopping. With flavors and aromas of Bergamot, licorice, blackberry, aniseed and cirus fruit, Mittlefruh provides a classic flavor and aroma in myriad styles of lagers including pilsner, bock, dunkel, and Munich Helles, Hallertau is suited for Kolsch style, wheat and Belgian Style Ale’s.

German Hallertau stands out with intense, pleasantly harmonic bitterness, coupled with mild aroma, featuring distinct hop, floral, and citrus tones.

Typical A.A: 3.5 – 5.5%

Possible substitutions: Liberty, Mt. Hood, German Tradition, Vanguard

Application Tip:

For a Pale Ale hopped exclusively with Mittelfruh, the bitterness from the variety delivers a pleasing and smooth flavor on the palate, providing a pleasant dryness in the finish.

For Kolsch styles, Mittelfruh adds a delicious berry flavor from flavoring hop additions in Kolsch Styles.

As a late addition in dark rye beers, the varietal provides a pleasant spiciness, complementing the spicy qualities of the rye.

For lighter hued Belgian styles such as Abbey Singles, Hallertau Mittelfruh creates a citrusy spiciness to the finished beer, especially in additions at 10 and 5 minutes remaining in the boil.

When aged for a year at about 70 F in stable conditions, Mittelfruh loses most of the alpha acid content, making the hop usable for Lambic styles.

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