German Hallertau Blanc Pellets 1 Oz

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Similar to several new German varieties, Hallertau Blanc offers bold flavors and aromas, supplying the characteristics desired for American-style ales. A daughter of Cascade released in 2012, the varietal was bred specifically to answer the needs of American craft beer styles. With floral and fruity aromas comparable to passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, vanilla, lemon-lime, peach, gooseberry, grape, cassis, elderflower and lemongrass, Hallertau Blanc has begun to develop a following among American Craft brewers.

Typical A.A.: 9.0 -12.0%

Possible Substitutions: Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Hallertau(Pacifica)

Application Tip:

To fully capture the characteristics of Hallertau Blanc, add the variety during whirlpooling and/or dry hopping, ably taking full advantage of the remarkably high Myrcene fraction. With a pronounced tropical profile, Hallertau Blanc proves valuable for producing similar southern hemisphere styles, such as, IPA, American Blonde ale, New Zealand pilsner, Belgian ale, wheat beer and Brett fermentations. 

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