Gelatin Finings 1 oz

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Gelatin Finings precipitates degraded yeast cells, haze forming proteins and tannins from beer. 

Having undergone carbonic maceration, highly tannic red wines may benefit from Gelatin Fining as Gelatin will remove some of the excess tannins, resulting in a more balanced wine.

Due to the absence of a maceration step in white wines, Gelatin Fining is not recommended. Gelatin will reduce tannins and may not function due to the already low tannin content typical of white wines.

Application Tip:

Following completion of secondary fermentation and required aging period, reduce the temperature of the beer to 50 F or lower. Measure out 1/8 of teaspoon and add it to 50 ml cold water in an Ehrlenmeyer flask. Cover the solution and let stand for an hour to allow the gelatin to fully hydrate. Gently heat the solution to 150 – 160 F so the gelatin will fully dissolve. Once the Gelatin solution drops to 120 F, slowly pour the solution into the beer and gently stir without introducing oxygen into aged beer. Any kind of foaming action will indicate the presence of oxygen. Let the beer stand at 50F or below for another seven to fourteen days before siphoning. 

Application Tip:

For wine, follow the procedure outlined above. Once the above procedure is complete, add the Gelatin solution into 100 ml of wine before stirring the mixture into a 5 – gallon batch of wine. Allow the wine with the finings to stand for 2 – 3 weeks before siphoning from vessel for packaging.

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