Gauge 2" 0-60 lb Right Hand - 1/4" MPT

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The 0 – 60 lb. 2” gauge replaces worn or damaged gauges in Double Gauge or Secondary Regulators.

The gauge measures PSI in 1 lb. increments.

The black outer scale on the face of the gauge measures PSI while the inner, red scale measures atmospheres of pressure in bars.

Application Tip:

To remove the 0-60 lb gauge, a combination of crescent wrench, a pair of channel locks and/or bench vice may be used to loosen the gauge from the ¼” FPT fitting. The 0-60 lb gauge is manufactured with right hand threads and is loosened by turning the gauge counter clockwise.

Application Tip:

Bulkiness and weight of regulators may cause the CO2 tank and regulator assembly to become top heavy, especially as the CO2 level is reduced in the tank during carbonation and serving operations. To safeguard the regulator, Brew and Grow highly recommends the purchase of a protective Gauge Cage or economical Rubber Gauge Boot to guard the regulator against accidental impact and damage. 

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