Gauge 2" 0-30 lb Right Hand - 1/4" MPT

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The 0-30 lb scale on the 2” gauge allows home brewers to pressurize and serve kegged beverages with greater accuracy. By measuring PSI in ½ lb. increments, the 2” gauge permits fine-tuning of CO2 output levels, letting home brewers achieve the proper CO2 volumes for individual beer styles.

 The 0-30 lb version can be retrofitted into Double Gauge Regulators or Secondary Regulators by removing the 0-60 lb version and threading in the 0-30 lb gauge.  

The black outer scale on the face of the gauge measures PSI while the inner, red scale measures atmospheres of pressure in bars.

Application Tip:

 To remove the 0-60 lb gauge, a combination of crescent wrench, a pair of channel locks and/or bench vice may be used to loosen the gauge from the ¼” FPT fitting. The 0-60 lb gauge is manufactured with right hand threads and is loosened by turning the gauge counter clockwise.

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