Galena Pellets 1 oz

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An excellent high alpha variety with balanced bittering and aroma characteristics, Galena is mainly used for bittering, but has found favor as a dual – purpose variety. Quite bitter, Galena blends well with finishing hops. Suitable for all beer styles, especially American Ales and Lagers.

Known primarily as a bittering hop, Galena has flavors and aromas described as pineapple, lime, gooseberry, stone fruit, citrus, brandy and pear.

Possible Substitutions: Nugget, Brewers Gold, Columbus

Typical A.A: 12 – 14%

Application Tip:

Often utilized as a bittering hop in English and American style ales.  Employ Galena as the bittering component of the recipe and specify varieties such as Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Willamette, Fuggles or one of the Goldings for flavor and aroma. 

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