Flavoring - Licorice Root 1 oz

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Licorice Root contributes licorice flavors to porter, stouts and darker ales while adding a mild sweetness to the beer. Improves head retention in finished beers. Typically use ¼  oz to  ½  oz. in the final 15 minutes of the boil. 

Application Tip:

Add licorice root in a 5 - gallon batch containing a ¼ lb. of Chocolate rye. Try the root with Juniper Berries and mugwort in a Porter to create a tasty holiday beer.

Application Tip:

Spices offer unique flavor possibilities in beer, mead, wine and cider. When working with a spice for the first time, a conservative approach decreases the chance of overdoing the spice.  Drinking a beverage with too little is far more pleasant than drinking one with too much. Later generations of the same recipe can be spiced more intensely by adding a little more into each version until a satisfactory amount has been reached.

Application Tip:

Spicing beverages can be alternatively achieved by creating a potion. Simply adding a small amount of the spice to a few ounces of Vodka, Scotch or Bourbon and allowing the liquor to absorb the flavor of the spice will provide a sanitary and tasty medium for introducing the spice into a beer, mead, wine or cider. Following 2-3 days of soaking the spices(s), add the potion into the secondary and allow the beer and potion a week to meld prior to packaging.

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