Flavoring - Dried Elderberries 8 oz

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Native to the British Isles, the small, dark elderberry produces an excellent port style wine.   Flavorful and loaded with tannins, wines produced from Elderberries require small quantities of the dried fruit to create the desired effect.

Belgian Beer brewers will add a small quantity to Cherry beers to further enhance the color of the beer.

Application Tip:

Elderberries will sometimes be added to darker fruit wines (not Red Grape  wines) due to their high tannin content, eliminating the need to add powdered tannin to the batch of wine prior to fermentation. 

Application Tip:

For creating an elderberry style wine, place the berries in a nylon drawstring bag to contain and steep the fruit while making the wine with water and sugar. For a 5 – gallon batch as little as a 1 ¼ lbs may be required while 1 2/3 lbs. will create a stronger flavor in the same size batch.

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