Flavoring - Cardamom Seed 1 oz

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Cardamom is found in many Belgian style ales and often in combination with orange peel and coriander, providing cola like flavor to finished beers.

The flavors derived from the spice include resin, piney and citrus with hints of sandalwood and cinnamon. Blending well with fruit, Cardomom provides an astringent drying quality to beer and metheglin.

Application Tip:

Brew and Grow recommends being conservative, using 1/8 – ¼ tsp. with 5 – 15 minutes remaining in the boil. Cardamom is a strong, assertive spice and a less is more approach applies.

Application Tip:

Spices offer unique flavor possibilities in beer, mead, wine and cider. When working with a spice for the first time, a conservative approach decreases the chance of overdoing the spice.  Drinking a beverage with too little is far more pleasant than drinking one with too much. Later generations of the same recipe can be spiced more intensely by adding a little more into each version until a satisfactory amount has been reached.

 Application Tip:

Spicing beverages can be alternatively achieved by creating a potion. Simply adding a small amount of the spice to a few ounces of Vodka, Scotch or Bourbon and allowing the liquor to absorb the flavor of the spice will provide a sanitary and tasty medium for introducing the spice into a beer, mead, wine or cider. Following 2-3 days of soaking the spice(s), add the potion into the secondary and allow the beer and potion a week to meld prior to packaging.

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