Flavoring - Coconut 4oz

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The recommended dosage for Coconut Extract is 4 – 5 oz. per 5 – gallons. Additional ounce(s) may be added to increase the intensity of the Coconut flavor and aroma.

Application Tip:

Flavor Extracts offer ease and convenience for adding fruit flavors to beer, wine, mead or cider. Flavor extracts can be added prior to packaging. Gently stir the extract into the beverage without introducing oxygen, take a sample and taste. If enough fruit flavor is present, bottle or keg the beverage. If not, add in additional ounce(s), stir and repeat the process to achieve the desired flavor and aroma intensity. Each extract bottle label provides recommended dosing amounts as guidance. 

For wine making, add Coconut extract to ''bottle ready'' wine 1 week or so prior to planned bottling, stir gently and allow the wine to marry to the extract for 7 days.

To add the flavors of coconut to dark beer styles such as stout or porter, begin by gently stirring in 3 oz. of the Coconut extract to fermented beer prior to packaging, take a sample and taste. If enough coconut flavor is present, allow the extract and beer to fully marry for 1 week. If not, additional ounce(s) may be added. Stir and repeat the process until the desired flavor and aroma intensity is achieved and allow the extract to fully marry with the beer. Before bottling or kegging, taste the beer once again to determine the proper balance has been achieved. If not, the flavor and aroma may be enhanced by further additions.

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