Flavoring - Apricot 4 oz

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The recommend dosage for Apricot extract is 6 –7 oz. per 5 – gallons. Further additions may be introduced to fine-tune the overall flavor and aroma profile of the beverage.

Application Tip:

Fruit extracts can accentuate the flavors of fruit already introduced during prior fermentation operations, raising the intensity of the flavors and aromas. If a beer fermented with Apricots  needs a little extra oomph, add small amounts of Apricot Extract to the beer until the correct flavor profile is reached.  

Application Tip:

Apricot Extract complements wheat beers fermented with Wyeast German Wheat 3333 or Pale Ales fermented with American Ale 1056.  Apricot Extract matches well with Vanilla especially in beers fermented by yeasts described as having a neutral flavor profile. In a Cream ale fermented by the American Wheat yeast(1010) and hopped with spicy noble hops like Saaz or Mittlefruh, a blend of Apricot and Vanilla Bean creates a well rounded and refreshing summer beer. 

Application Tip:

Flavor Extracts offer ease and convenience for adding fruit flavors to beer, wine, mead or cider. Flavor extracts can be added prior to packaging. Gently stir the extract into the beverage without introducing oxygen, take a sample and taste. If enough fruit flavor is present, bottle or keg the beverage. If not, add in additional ounce(s), stir and repeat the process to achieve the desired flavor and aroma intensity. Each extract bottle label provides recommended dosing amounts as guidance. 

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