Flaked Wheat Oz

Article number: 119

Mash Ready Wheat Flakes will greatly increase head retention and body when used in an amount as low as 8% of your total grist. Can be used in amounts of up tp 40% of grist total.

Lovibond:  2 L


Application Tip:

As an alternative to Malted Wheat, Flaked Wheat provides a pleasant wheat like sweetness to finished beers even in proportions of about 10% of the grist.

For a version of British style Wheaton Ale, specify a malt bill with 57.7% UK Pale ale malt, 17.3% Flaked Wheat, 9.5% German Munich Malt, 6.9% Torrified Wheat, 4.7% German Carafoam, and 4% German Acid Malt if necessary. If further acidification is not required, replace the Acid Malt with UK Pale Malt. O.G. 1.046 F.G. 1.012

Hop with Northdown @ 60 minutes for 12.1 IBUs and UK Kent Goldings @ 60 minutes for 5.9 IBUs followed by UK Challenger @ 15 minutes remaining to achieve 6.2 IBUs for a total of 24.1IBUs

Ferment with Wyeast Thames Valle yeast 1275 at 68F.

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