Flaked Rice Oz

Article number: 117

Originally adopted to dilute the high amounts of proteins in 6-row malts, the adjunct provides alcohol production and lightens color in Japanese and American style lagers and ales Mash ready Rice Flakes provide a light, crisp finish in finished beers. Flaked Rice may be utilized in recipes at rates of 25% of the total grist or less.

Lovibond:  1 L

Application Tip:

Grain typically associated with American style lagers, Flaked Rice may be specified in many versions of light lagers and ales for summer styles of beer. Utilized at a rate of 10-50%, the adjunct is best mashed with a quantity of 6-row malt to reach optimal conversion of starches to sugars. Try a version of American lager with Wyeast Pilsen 2007 and noble hop varieties such as Saaz, Spalt or Tettnang for a delicious thirst quencher.

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