Flaked Oats Oz

Article number: 116

Steamed, not roasted, mash ready Oat Flakes provide a distinct full-bodied flavor and creamy texture to finished beers. Closely associated with Oatmeal Stouts, Porters and Belgian style Wit beers, Flaked Oats may be specified in amounts of up to 30% of the total grist and does not require milling.

Lovibond:  2.5 L

Application Tip:

Although commonly associated with Stouts, Porters and Wits, Flaked Oat may be utilized as a body enhancer in English Bitters and American Style Pale ales, especially with highly attenuative yeasts. For most 5 gallon recipes, 1 lb. is typical. With larger additions, add Rice Hulls to the recipe as the adjunct tends to gum up the mash during Lautering.

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