Flaked Maize 50 Lb

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Mash ready corn flakes, produced from yellow corn, will provide depth of character to lighter beers when used in moderate quantities. Can be used in amounts of up to 40% of the total grist.

Lovibond:  0.8 L

Application Tip:

Typically added directly to the mash and commonly utilized in small quantities in English Bitters and Pale Ales. For American and Mexican lagers, Flaked Barley may be specified in the malt bill, ranging from 10-40% of the grist. For clones of commercially produced beers, specify the adjunct in clones of Negro Modelo at 12% of the grist and 30% for a tasty version of Pacifico.

For a pre prohibition version of American Cream Ale, specify a recipe with 71.2% U.S. 2-Row Malt, 17% U.S. Flaked Maize, 8% U.S. 6 - Row Malt, 3.8% Acid Malt. The Acid Malt is merely added to lower acidity in the mash. Taking a pH reading of the mash should be performed before adding acid malt. Otherwise eliminate the acid malt and add in more 2-row malt in its stead.

Hop with Northern Brewer @ 60 Minutes remaining for 15.9 IBUs, add in Pacific Hallertau @ 30 minutes remaining for 6.3 IBUs, Pacific Hallertau @ 15 minutes remaining for 4 IBUs. Finish the hopping with 1 oz Pacific Hallertau and 1 oz Australian Summer per 5 Gallons at flame out. Total IBUs: 26.9

Ferment with Wyeast American Ale II yeast 1272 at 60F to provide the clean flavor profile required of the style. O.G. 1.055. F.G. 1.012 

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