Flaked Barley Oz

Article number: 114

Mostly associated with Stouts, Flaked Barley provides head retentive and bodifying properties, creaminess while lending a rich, grainy taste to finished beers. Pre- gelatinized and mash ready, Barley Flakes do not require

Lovibond: 1.4 

Application Tip:

Typically associated with Stouts, Flaked Barley may also be specified in Porters, Barley Wines and even the occasional Pale Ale to good effect. Add the adjunct to an oatmeal stout or oatmeal porter for an extra kick of creamy mouthfeel.

For a Porter with Flaked Barley, specify a recipe with 71.1% UK Pale Malt, 8.9% Brown Malt, 8.9% German Munich Malt, 4.4% Flaked Barely, 3.3% UK Chocolate Malt, 2.2% Dark Crystal Malt 118L and 1.1% Black Malt.

Hop with Brewers Gold @ 60 minutes remaining in the boil for a total of 49.6 IBUs and ferment with Wyeast London Ale yeast 1028. O.G. 1.052. F.G. 1.013 

milling and may be used in amounts of up to 40% of the grist total.

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