Digital Refrigerator Thermostat

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Equipped with heating and cooling modes, the Digital Thermostat features several adjustable control functions, including temperature settings, temperature range, anti-short cycle delay to prevent excessive wear and tear, and a temperature offset function. Temperature range is -30 to 212°F (-34 to 100°C).

Controls feature remote sensing capability, interchangeable sensors and an LCD for easy viewing of sensed temperature and operational status. Brew and Grows version of the A419 is manufactured with NEMA 4X watertight, corrosion-resistant surface-mount enclosures to increase the life of the thermostat.

For Electric Brewing applications, the Digital Thermostat may be utilized with Brew and Grows RIMS tube set up, including specifying the 4" Tri-Clover Thermowell(50322) in the overall RIMS equipment package.

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