Czech Saaz Pellet 1 oz

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A quintessential noble hop, Czech Saaz is described as very mild, spicy and earthy, associated with Czech Pilsner and utilized in a number of styles, including continental lager, wheat beer, and pils style lager.

Often specified in a variety of Belgian style ales, the noble variety has flavors and aromas often described as honey, bergamot, chamomile tea, woody, tarragon, lavender, cedarwood, smoked bacon and spiciness.

Typical A.A: 2 – 5%

Possible Substitutions: Polish Lublin, Sterling, American Saaz

Application Tip:

To impart the classic C. Saaz profile in Czech Pilsners, the varietal is typically added to the kettle for bittering, flavor and aroma in at least three additions. Contributes to the dryness of the style.

For Golden rye ales, Czech Saaz blends well with a malt bill including 40% rye and yeasts such as Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey or Belgian Strong 1388 or German wheat 3333. Add Saaz hops in two additions, at 60 and 15 minutes remaining.

In blonde ales, Czech Saaz combines well with Citra hops, using Saaz for bittering and flavor with Citra placed in the boil at flame out. For the yeast, employ 1272 to further round out the flavors and aromas of the beer.

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