Corks - Noma Synthetic (30 Per Bag)

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Nomacorcs are manufactured by using a unique and patented, co-extrusion, molding process. With the interior and exterior sections of the cork bound together through heat adhesion, Nomacorcs are simply a better closure due to the small, uniform, closed cell structure of the cork. Providing a better barrier against oxygen than natural corks, Nomacorcs preserve the quality of wine and do not crumble upon removal from bottle. Top and bottom edges are chamfered and the sides are printed with an attractive Spanish grape design. Brew and Grow recommends using any lever or floor corker with Nomacorcs. 9 x 1 1/2".

Application Tip:

To properly prepare corks for bottling, soak the corks in a 1% sulphite solution.

To create 1% solution, simply measure out 2 tsp of Potassium or Sodium Metabisulfite and 1 qt of water and mix together in a shallow pan or pot. Soak corks for a few minutes before corking.

Wines corked with Nomacorcs need not be laid down for aging as the cork will uniformly fit bottle opening and will not expand or contract. To finish packaging, use a capsule or sealing wax to add a professional and stylish touch to wine bottles. 

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