Corks - for Belgian Beer Bottle Bag/30

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For bottling Belgian styles, our Belgian Corks properly fit the opening of our Belgian Beer Bottles. To prevent Co2 leakage and/or cork ejection during the carbonation process, use our stylish and functional Belgian Wires to tightly cap the corks, holding the cork in the bottle while completing a tasteful presentation.

Application Tip:

To properly place the corks into Belgian Beer Bottles, use a floor corker such as our Italian or Portuguese models. During corking operations, our floor corkers will provide the proper amount of compression to the corks prior to insertion.

To reach the correct insertion depth of the corks into the bottle, adjust the nut on the steel plunger peg of the floor corker to the halfway point. Place a cork in the iris of the floor corker and pull the handle downward. The jaws of the floor corker will close the iris, compressing the cork as the plunger peg pushes the cork half way into the neck of the bottle. Attach a Belgian Wire to the top of the cork and twist the wire 7 – 8 half turns to secure the wire to the bottles neck.

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