Corks 9 X 1 1/2 (38 X2 3mm) - 30/BAG

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First Quality corks are a dense, high quality cork fashioned from uniform shavings and unused portions of corks. Molded together with food grade glue, Agglomerated corks are an economical value for corking early drinking wines or wines to be aged for up to 2 years. Chamfered edges allow for easy insertion into bottle openings. Cork sides are printed with a stylish grape leaf pattern.

Application Tip:

For budget minded wine makers, 9 x 1 ½” corks are a great option for use with Double Lever type corkers. For wine makers with large or multiple batches, Floor Corkers easily compress and insert First Quality corks into 375ml, 750ml or 1.5 liter bottles.

Application Tip:

To properly prepare corks for bottling, soak the corks in a 1% sulphite solution for a few minutes.

To create 1% solution, simply measure out 2 tsp of Potassium or Sodium Metabisulfite and 1 qt of water and mix together in a shallow pan or pot. Soak corks for a few minutes  before corking.

Once bottling is complete, set the bottles upright for 3-5 days to facilitate release of excess pressure and prevent wine seepage. Following the 3-5 day period, finish packaging by using a capsule or sealing wax to add the professional and stylish touch before laying the bottle down for storage.


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