Cola Soda Extract Kit 2 oz

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To create 4 – gallons of soda, combine (1) 2 fluid ounce bottle of Old Fashioned Homebrew Cola Extract with 4 pounds of sugar and 4 – gallons of water while using the traditional mix and carbonation method.

In every box of soda extract, precise directions are provided on the methods for carbonating the sodas with dry champagne yeast.

IMPORTANT: If carbonating with yeast, only use plastic PET bottles. All manufacturers warn against using glass bottles due to a real risk of over carbonated beverages actually exploding the glass bottle and causing serious personal injuries. Only use plastic PET bottles, like 2 Liter soda bottles or Brew and Grow’s 500 ml P.E.T. bottles.

When making soda with yeast, carbonation levels are difficult to control. Following the instructions provided will allow the yeast to produce carbon dioxide for three days at room temperature. Once the soda is refrigerated, the yeast becomes dormant and CO2 production nearly stops. If the soda is not refrigerated following the 3 – day carbonation period, pressure will naturally continue to build inside the bottles and, upon opening, a serious soda gusher may very well occur.  

 To repeat the previous warning: DO NOT USE GLASS BOTTLES! Glass may explode, sending glass shrapnel flying and creating a sticky mess.

Soda is fun, easy and safe to make at home, but please be careful.

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