Chocolate Wheat Weyermann Oz

Article number: 419

As a substitution for standard Chocolate Malts, roasted wheat malt contributes improved coloration in darker ales and wheat styles. Chocolate Wheat contributes intensified aromatic qualities to Dunkelweizen and Weizenbock. Brew and Grow recommends adding Chocolate wheat to the grist in amounts ranging from 1-5% of the malt bill. For 5-gallon batches, a few ounces or up to a ½ lb. will produce desired effect.


  • EBC: 1000-1200
  • Lovibond: 375-450
  • Usage: to 5%
  • Moisture: 3.5-4.5%
  • Total Nitrogen: N/A
  • Extract% (dry basis): 65-70
  • Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A


Application Tip:

For creating chocolate flavors without the acridness associated with standard chocolate malt, Chocolate Wheat provides the proper coloration and/or chocolate flavors and aromas in Dunkelweizen, Weizenbock, Alt, Stout and Porter, adequately reducing or replacing the percentage of standard Chocolate malt in many recipe formulations.

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