Belgian Munich Dingemans Oz

Article number: 507

Chateau Munich Light is a Belgian, Munich-style malt. It provides a modest color increase toward a nice, golden orange wort. It adds a pronounced, grainy, malty flavor without affecting head retention or body. Light Munich malts are often used in small quantities with lager malt to produce light-colored beers with rich malt flavor and bright color. But Munich malt is suitable for use in any style beer and has enzymatic activity comparable to some base malts.

Lovibond: 6

Usage Rate: Up to 80%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 79.5%

Application Tip:

For Munich Helles, utilize 10-15% in the malt bill to supply the golden hue readily found in the style. Similarly, adding 10% to a Kolsch style will produce the same golden color while also contributing a slight maltiness to the finished beer.

For darker beers such as Porters, specifying 15% to the grist will provide further malt backbone, supporting the dark malts typical of the style.

For a Belgian Wit beer, specify a recipe with 48% Belgian Pilsen, 20% White Wheat Malt, 12% Torrified Wheat, 8% Belgian Munich, 8% Pale Wheat Malt and 4% Acidulated Malt. Hop with Czech Saaz at 60 Minutes remaining to reach an IBU rate of 14.1 and another addition of Czech Saaz at 15 Minutes remaining for an additional 1.8 IBUs.  Additionally, place ¼ oz ground Coriander and 1/8th oz, Sweet Orange Peel and 1/8 oz. Bitter Orange Peel in the boil at 15 minutes remaining. Ferment with Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit Yeast at 64F.

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