Carboy Glass - 6 Gal (23L)

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For fermenting 5 – gallon batches of beer, the 6 – Gallon Glass Carboy provides the proper head space during fermentation for krausen formation and the safe release of CO2. Beyond beer fermentation applications, the 6 – Gallon Carboy has the proper capacity to act as the secondary fermentor of wines produced from Vintners Reserve and Island Mist wine kits by Wine Expert.

Application Tip:

For primary fermenting operations, place one end of a 3-foot length of 1” ID tubing into the mouth of the carboy while the opposite end is submerged in a bucket containing sanitizer solution, forming a tight seal for blow-off purposes. Technique facilitates safe release of CO2 pressure and excess krausen during fermentation. Requires #6.5 stoppers for use with air locks.

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