CaraWheat Weyermann Oz

Article number: 417

Weyermann CARAWHEAT is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from high-quality, German wheat. CARAWHEAT adds creaminess, body, and color to finished beers. It is almost 100% caramelized, and contributes some phenolic wheat flavors along with mild notes of caramel, almond, and biscuit. For a true, German-style result, use Weyermann CARAWHEAT in top-fermented Hefeweizen or Dunkleweizen beers. Or use it to enhance your favorite Red Ale or Belgian Witbier.


Malt Type: Crystal/Caramel
Grain Origin: Germany
Color: 42-53 Lovibond (110-140 EBC)
Moisture: 6.5% max.
Extract (dry): 68% min.
Diastatic Power:  
Usage: 15% max.


Application Tip:

For the production of dark ales, Hefe-Weizen, Dunkel-Weizen and other top-fermented styles, Cara Wheat can be specified as a faceting malt to round out the flavor and aromas of various beer styles.

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