Caramel 60L Oz

Article number: 109

Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor and a deep golden to red color. Flavor contributions: sweet, pronounced caramel.  Caramel Malt 60L provides an excellent addition to any beer requiring a slight red color addition and mild caramel malt sweetness. Providing a reddish hue to beers and often-found in darker ales and lagers, Caramel 60L aids in head retention and contributes sweetness, body and caramel flavors in finished beer.

Lovibond: 60 L

Application Tip:

Specified in a wide variety of beers from Pale to Amber Ales and darker hued styles, Caramel 60 malt proves versatile grain and is often found in Munich Dunkels, Brown Ales and Porters. In Belgian Dubbels and Tripels, grain adds a facet of mild sweetness in complex malt bills when used in modest amounts. 

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