Caramel 20L Oz

Article number: 107

Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor with a golden color. Flavor contributions: candylike sweetness, mild caramel.  Caramel Malt 20L provides an excellent addition to any beer requiring a light red color addition and mild caramel malt sweetness. Lends golden to amber color depending on amounts specified in the malt bill while aiding in head retention, Caramel 20L contributes sweetness, body and caramel flavors in the finished beer.

Lovibond:20 L

Application Tip:

For inclusion in Viennas, Amber ales and even lighter hued pale ales, Caramel 20L proves effective as a color corrective while adding mild caramel malt flavors and aromas.

Specifying conservative amounts in the malt bill will allow the beer to be well-balanced following fermentation. For most styles requiring caramel malts, ½ - ¾ pound per 5-gallons will suffice. For most pale ales in all grain malt bills or extract formulations, include no more than a ½ pound in 5-gallons or 4.4%

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