CaraHell Weyermann Oz

Article number: 411

Weyermann CARAHELL is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that delivers a fuller body, improved aroma, and increased beer foam while also contributing to a more fuller, rounder body and flavor.  CARAHELL also imparts  deep copper color, and gentle notes of caramel flavor.

Suitable for many lager and ale styles, notably Hefeweizen.


  • EBC: 20-30
  • Lovibond: 8.1-11.8
  • Usage: to 30%
  • Moisture: 6.5-7.5%
  • Total Nitrogen: 10.5-12.5%
  • Extract% (dry basis): 74-79
  • Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A


At the transition point between Carapils and caramel malt, Carahell will add a couple of points of color. A full pound will shade the color of lighter hued beers in 5-gallon batches. By adding it to any lighter hued beer, Carahell will provide body and head retention in styles such as, Pilsners, Maibocks, Wheats, lighter colored fest beers, Shankbier, pale ale, Golden ale or any light lagers.

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