Calcium Carbonate 2 oz

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Calcium Carbonate or food grade chalk contributes to increases in pH, water hardness and alkalinity. Carbonate functions as a buffering agent against mash acidity, neutralizing the higher acid content of dark roasted malts.

Wine Making Tip:

Acid Reduction Powder (Chalk) USE: Add 1/2 tsp per gallon at start of fermentation to lower total acidity by 0.1%. It is NOT recommended to reduce acidity by more than 0.3%. Cold stabilize for at least one month before racking off the malate precipitate. Keep tightly capped.

Application Tip:

Beer is 90% water and H2 O   is perhaps the most overlooked ingredient in brewing. Mineral salts supply brewers with the capability of enhancing brewing water and, ultimately, improving mash pH and overall beer quality.

To explore the possible positive contributions mineral salts can provide to brewing water, Brew and Grow recommends reading the newly published book by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski simply titled Water.

Beyond purchasing the book, contacting your local Department of Water for a water report will assist in understanding the mineral content supplied to residences in your village or city. Many municipalities post detailed reports on the Internet via the municipalities official website.

Once the local water mineral profile has been established, altering mash pH and/or creating brewing water similar to the source found in famed brewing centers such as Dublin or London or Antwerp or… become more practicable.

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