Briess Munich Malt 3.3 lb Can

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For the production of rich, malty beer styles such as Marzen or Bock beers, the Munich Extract can be blended with other extracts, adding increased color and malty character to any recipe.

Application Tip:

Munich Malt extract can be utilized as a good base for recipes requiring a malty flavor and aroma profile. In smaller amounts, the extract provides a malty backbone to a variety of beer styles, such as Munich Helles or Octoberfest. For beers such as pale ale’s, Irish red, stout, brown ale, porter, Imperial Styles…etc, the strategy of blending smaller percentages of the Munich extract provides for variation and malty facets to the flavor and aroma profile of the finished beer. 

Ingredients: Base Malt, Munich Malt, and Water

Color: (8º Plato): 8º Lovibond

SG 1.035 per pound per gallon

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