Brewing Classic Styles (Zainasheff/Palmer)

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Written in collaboration by home brewing expert John Palmer and Award winning brewer Jamil Zainasheff, Brewing Classic Styles provides recipes for styles ranging from light lager to bock, IPA, porter, stout and even pumpkin ale. Offering plenty of advice and techniques, the authors supply recipes for extract and all grain versions of the classic styles.

Beginning with an overview of ingredients, the basics of yeast culturing and a primer on adjusting the mineral content of water, Palmer and Zainasheff comprehensively describe the specialized keys and techniques required to produce award-winning beers.

The book finishes with several appendices describing advanced concepts and practices, including, the proper yeast pitching rates for producing healthy fermentations and better tasting beer, grain steeping for extract and partial mash batches and priming sugar and CO2 volume rates for appropriate carbonation for each style.

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