Brewer's Best Wildflower Honey 12 lb

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While many shops and breweries rely on local sources for honey, the product often sold in the bottle can vary (and likely does) from container to container and year to year. Brewer's Best® Wildflower Honey is specially blended, maintaining product quality, consistency of color, flavor and fermentability. Free from adulterated additives such as honey flavored corn syrup, Brewers Best Wildflower honey is verified pure through the True Source Certification program.

Application Tip:

To properly prepare for mead production, dissolve the honey in 120 F water, allowing the honey to maintain the full flavor and aroma potential in the finished beverage.

For the production of fine tasting mead, honey musts require periodic additions of valuable yeast nutrients as the fermentation period progresses.

For best results, follow a nutrient addition regimen of 1/2 tsp of Wyeast Nutrient diluted in 2 oz. warm water per 5 - gallons mead during the first few days of fermentation. Add the first addition at yeast pitching. Continue to add similar additions every 24 hours after fermentation onset or until half the available sugars in the must has been consumed by the yeast.

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