Brewer's Best Wheat Liquid Malt Extract 3.3 lb Tin

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Produced with English wheat and barley malt, the Wheat Malt Extract is a blend of 55% wheat malt and 45% barley malt. Formulated to emulate many of the classic German wheat styles, Wheat Extract can be utilized in wheat beers or provide an interesting facet to a variety of styles.

Application Tip”

For a 5 – gallon batch, formulate the recipe with 2 cans of malt extract in conjunction with noble hop varieties such as Hallertau, Tettnanger or Saaz along with one of the German wheat yeasts to create a delicious version of German wheat. For Dunkelweizen, steep a few ounces of carafa malts in 150 F water for 30 minutes and add wheat extract following removal of spent grains. 

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