Brewers Best Beer Equipment Kit 1 Gallon

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The Brewer's Best One Gallon Equipment Kit contains all the equipment required to begin brewing a 1-gallon batch of beer. Enclosed instructions provide directions for using the equipment plus tips and tricks from experts.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Gallon Fermenting Bucket

The 2 – gallon bucket without a hole contains the beer during fermentation. Following the boil, pour the cooled wort into the fermenter. To guard against off flavors in the finished beer, clean and sanitize the fermenting bucket and lid prior to use.

  • Bucket Lid with Grommet

During fermentation, the stem of the Econo-Lock is inserted into the black grommet attached to the fermentation lid, forming an airtight seal. The bucket lid should be tightly fastened to the entire rim of the bucket.

  • Clear One Gallon Glass Jug

For secondary fermentation, siphon the beer from the fermenting bucket with the Mini Siphon Starter and provided tubing. Once the fermented beer is within .002 of the targeted final gravity, transfer the beer to the secondary for clearing. Prior to transferring the beer, clean and sanitize the jug to prevent off flavors and bacterial infection in the finished beer.

  • Econo-Lock

Easily cleaned and sanitized, the clear plastic 3-piece airlock allows carbon dioxide (CO2) to escape from the primary and secondary fermenters while preventing air from entering. To maintain sanitary conditions, fill the airlock halfway with sanitizer solution during primary and secondary fermentation stages.

  • Lab Thermometer

For measuring temperatures at various stages of the brewing process, the Lab Thermometer provides accurate readings during grain steeping, pre-boil and wort chilling operations.

  • Siphon Hose with Shut-off Clamp

For botting and siphoning operations, the 5 – foot length of clear plastic tubing has a 5/16-inch inner diameter for attaching to the provided Mini Siphon Starter. To slow or stop the flow of beer during siphoning, a white plastic shut off clamp is included in the equipment kit. 

  • Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser

Easy Clean is an oxygen-based cleanser designed to safely clean the brewing equipment included in the kit. To create the cleaning solution, mix one tablespoon per gallon of warm water.

  • IO Star Sanitizer

IO Star is an iodine-based concentrated sanitizer. To properly sanitize the equipment utilized in the brewing and fermenting process, add 1 oz of sanitizer to 5 – gallons of cool tap water and soak the equipment for 3 minutes. Do not rinse off the sanitizer. Before allowing the wort or beer to touch the brewing equipment, simply shake or allow excess sanitizer to drip free. The equipment does not have to be completely dry before using.

  • Test Jar

For measuring wort or beer gravity, a Test Jar is an indispensible tool for determining potential and actual Alcohol By Volume (ABV) percentages during the various stages of the brewing process.

  • Beer Bottle Brush

For cleaning the inside of beer bottles, the 12-inch long brush is constructed of nylon bristles attached to a braided handle.

  • Mini Auto-Siphon

For transferring fermented beer, the Mini Auto-Siphon utilizes gravity and pressure to siphon the beer into the secondary fermenter or bottling bucket.

  • Triple Scale Hydrometer

Hydrometer readings are critical for monitoring beer during the various stages of the brewing and fermentation process. Incorporating a color-coded scale, the hydrometer is a glass laboratory instrument for measuring specific gravity, prior to and following fermentation.

  • Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

The Liquid Crystal Thermometer is a thin, black strip thermometer featuring both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales To attach the thermometer to the outside of a primary or secondary fermenter, remove the adhesive backing and place the Dual Scale Thermometer at approximately the mid point of the bucket or glass vessel.

  • Complete Equipment Instructions


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