Bowl Strainer Stainless Steel - 10 1/4"

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High quality, corrosion resistant, stainless steel bowl strainer features double mesh construction and a 10.25” inch long handle. Easily fits over openings of plastic bucket fermentors. Eliminates most large particulate matter while allowing cooled wort to pass through and into fermentation vessel.

Application Tip:

While brewing beers from Partial Mash recipes, the kitchen strainer is a great tool for rinsing grain, acting as a “false bottom.” Once the grain portion of the recipe has been mashed, simply place the strainer over boiling pot. Pour a portion, typically 1/3rd of the mashed grain into the bowl of the strainer, allowing newly created wort to separate from the grain. Begin sparging (rinsing) the grain with 1 gallon of 170 F water to further extract wort from the mashed grain, repeating the procedure for each 1/3 portion of grain. Following sparging procedures, simply top up boiling pot with enough water to reach boiling capacity for vessel and add in extract.

Typical partial mash recipes derive 60 – 70% of wort from grain while the other 30 – 40% is attained through liquid or dried malt extract.

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