Belgian Special B Dingemans Oz

Article number: 511

A Belgian variety of dark crystal malt often included in the darker ales of Belgium. Imparting toffee and toasted notes to finished beer, Special B provides color correction or deep, saturated hues depending on the amount specified in the malt bill.

Lovibond:  115-135

Usage Rate:  20%

Moisture:  5% Max

Extract:  72% 

Application Tip:

An extremely assertive grain, Special B will provide beers with strong caramel and raisin flavors and aromas. By specifying more than 8 ounces for a 5-gallon batch, the flavor of the malt tends to overwhelm the profile of the beer. Best used in small quantities, typically specify Special B for 1-2% of the grist, accentuating grains such as the Caramel varieties or Chocolate malts. For adding a unique facet to Porters, Scottish Ales, Pale Ales, Dunkels, Brown Ales, Special B may be added to many styles of dark beer, except for Dry Irish Stouts.

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