Belgian Pilsen Dingemans Oz

Article number: 510

Light in color and low in protein, Dingemans Belgian Pils Malt is produced from the finest European two-row barley. Well-modified, the Belgian Pils malt can be easily mashed with a single temperature infusion. Due to the high enzymatic power it can be used up to 100% of the grain bill.

An extremely clean malt, the Dingeman pils creates a brilliantly clear wort during run-off and a flavorful, bready, sweat and malty finished beer, especially in lighter hued beers such as European pils or lager styles.

Lovibond: 1.4-1.8

Usage Rate: 100%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 80%

Application Tip:

Quite versatile, Dingemans Pils will produce myriad styles of beer, leaving the finished beers with a crisp, clean flavor and aroma profile. Utilize the malt in Kolsch, Helles, Rye lagers, Belgo-American IPAs with Citra and Amarillo hops, Wit Beers, Baltic Porters and many more.

For a pleasant summer Blonde ale, specify a recipe with 82% Dingemans pils malt, 8.2% Cara-Pils, 4.1% Belgian Biscuit, 4.1% Canadian Honey Malt and 1% Torrified Wheat. Utilize Slovenian Celeia hops with three additions at 60 Min, 15 Min and Flame out to reach 27 IBUs. The O.G should reach 1.050. Ferment the beer with the Belgian Strong Ale Yeast. 

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