Belgian Chocolate Dingemans Oz

Article number: 505

Roasted at high temperatures, Belgian Chocolate is produced from high-nitrogen malt and "Chocolate" refers primarily to the malt's color and not its flavor. Depending on the amount used, Belgian Chocolate lends aroma, a deep red color, and a nutty/roasted taste to a variety of beer styles depending on the amount specified in the malt bill. Added to recipes in small percentages, the dark roasted malt will typically be utilized as a color corrective.

Lovibond: 300 - 380

Use Rate: 1-5%

Moisture: 4.5 % Max

Extract: 70%

Application Tip:

For proper coloration of Belgian dark specialty beers, Abbey Dubbels, Belgian Stout, dark ales and bock beers, Belgian Chocolate will provide the proper hue and slight roast character to round out the overall profile and character of the aforementioned styles.

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