Belgian Biscuit Dingemans Oz

Article number: 501

A Belgian variety of toasted malt, Dingemans Biscuit provides a warm bread or biscuity aroma and flavor while lending garnet to brownish hues in the finished beer, depending upon the amount specified in the recipe. Produced through roasting, Biscuit Malt contains no enzymes and must be mashed with malts having high Diastatic power.  Provides a biscuity aroma to the mash and finished beer. 

Lovibond: 19

Use Rate: 5-15%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 70%

Application Tip:

Contributes a light brown color to paler beer while providing toasty aromas and flavors to finished beers. Biscuit malt may be specified over a wide variety of styles, providing another facet of flavor and aroma. In all grain recipes, specify the malt in additions of 4-8 % of the malt bill or between a ¼ lb. to 1 lb. In extract or partial mash beers, limit the amount to a ¼ lb on up to 1 lb. 

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