Belgian Aromatic Dingemans Oz

Article number: 500

A Belgian variety of Munich malt kilned to a rating of 17 - 21 Lovibond. Providing malty flavor and aromas, Aromatic malt yields amber to reddish hues depending on the amounts specified in the malt bill. While Aromatic Malt contains enzymes and will self convert in the mash at up to 100%, the grain is lower in Diastatic power, thus limiting usage to 30% of the total grist proves more practical. Aromatic is a nice alternative to Dark Munich Malt in many different styles.

Lovibond: 17- 21

Use Rate: 100%

Moisture: 4.5% Max

Extract: 80%

Application Notes:

Belgian Aromatic creates malty accents in Belgian style ales and proves an excellent alternative to darker German Munich malts. Recommended for just about any beer except the palest styles, Aromatic can be effectively utilized as a substitute for 20 L caramel malts in American Pale ales. Beyond Pale ales, the malt can be included into Bitters, Baltic Porters, Stouts and even Maibocks, adding another facet to a well-designed beer. For partial mash recipes, limit the malts use to 2 lbs. or less.

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