Bag - Small Fine 10'' x 23''

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The Small Coarse Bag is reusable and easily cleaned, creating lower environmental impact.

Application Tip:

Capable of holding 2 -3 lbs of grain, the Small Fine Bag offers a convenient tool for steeping grains during wort creation.

Application Tip:

For holding larger additions of whole cone and/or pellet hops, the small fine bag provides the necessary space for containing the hop matter while allowing wort to circulate through the small pores. Finally, tie the bag off with twine to prevent the hops from escaping during boiling.

Appliction Tip:

For straining out finer particles from runoff during lautering operations, the bag can be tied to the outlet hose of the mash tun. Simply place the runoff tubing into the bag and place hose and bag apparatus into the boiling pot during sparging. The bag captures the debris while permitting the wort to flow into the kettle.

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