Bag - Jumbo Nylon Coarse

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Capable of holding 6 lbs. of grain, the Jumbo Coarse Bag permits brewers to perform ”mash in a Bag” operations on small batches of beer. By adding a second Jumbo Bag, a full 5 – gallon batch can be easily mashed. 

Application Tip:

To properly “Mash in a Bag”, open the bag once the bag has been immersed in mash water.  Fully wet the grain by “re-circulating” several quarts of mash water through the bag before setting the mash.  To further guarantee adaquate conversion gently stir the mash with a spoon or mash paddle, preventing starch balls from occurring and lessening efficiency.

Application Tip:

For steeping fruit in fermented beer, the Jumbo Coarse Bag prevents pulp from escaping and clouding finished beer while allowing yeast access to the fermentable sugars. To further reduce the possibility of creating haze in finished beer, dose the fruit with an appropriate amount of Pectic enzyme. 

Jumbo Coarse Bag Measurements: 18" x 32". Good for temperatures up to 215 F.

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