Back-Flush Hose Assembly (Therminator)

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Back flushing a plate chiller is a crucial aspect of a thorough cleaning regimen following chilling operations.  After carefully cleaning and rinsing the plate chiller, attach the back flush hose to the Wort Out disconnect and run hot water in the opposite direction of normal wort flow during chilling.

Hose assembly is constructed of an 18” length of ½” ID braided vinyl hose with a garden hose thread on one end and a Quick Connector with ½” NPT(F) on the opposite. Both fittings are factory assembled to the hose with Oetiker clamps. 

Application Tip:

To achieve optimum cleaning during back flushing, vary the water flow rate into the Wort Out Port.  By periodically changing the water velocity, more of the remaining debris will be washed free and removed from the entire chiller. 

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