Australian Galaxy Pellets 1 oz

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Utilized as a dual-purpose hop, Australian Galay was developed and grown solely in Australia. Producing a quite distinctive citrus and passion fruit character, the hop is often added to the kettle in late additions. For flavor and aroma, Galaxy is typically found in IPA and Double IPA style beers.

As a finishing hop in either dry hopping or in a hop rocket, Galaxy produces a resiny, piney freshness with strong peach skin aromatics and hints of orange pith, especially in applications requiring an abundance of hops, such as single hop IPA’s. In flavor additions, the hop will provide bright passion fruit, guava and candied oranges qualities.

Typical A.A: 11 – 16%           

Possible Substitutions: Citra, Equinox or a combination of Chinook and Equinox.

Application Tip:

By combining Galaxy and Simcoe in an India Red ale, the two hops produce tropical fruit flavors and the flavor of juicy fruit. Specify the hops in first wort and at 15 and 10 minutes remaining.

With a higher than normal essential oil content of 2.4 – 2.7%, Galaxy may be combined with other hop varieties, but can overwhelm varieties with lesser oil content. Maintaining proper ratios based on oil content can provide proper balance. For example, in a dry hopping situation combining Nelson Sauvin with Galaxy, add double the amount of Sauvin due to it’s 1 – 1.2% oil content. So use a ratio of 2:1 of Sauvin to Galaxy to maintain a level of relative balance between the two varietals.

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